Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I happily continue living here, running the business, growing with my family, and raising two children with my wonderful wife, Melisa. We also have a boxer named Dillon, nicknamed "The Muscle", who some say is a superhero of a dog.  I certainly feel blessed to have an incredible support system. Outside of the business, I'm a sports fanatic -- both as a fan, and playing. Softball, basketball, volleyball, golf and bowling occupy most of my time when I'm not spending time with my family and friends.




I grew up the son of a life long printer, in my Father, and to a caring, talented Mother who thrived in the world of art. I suppose all of that has rubbed off on me during the early days of when I was undecided with the makings of my future career. The apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree!


After graduating high school from Central Dauphin East in 1997, I attended Harrisburg Area Community College, and began working for a sign company. Only then did I figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my professional life.  I got to experience all concepts of the business and loved every aspect of it.  I'm a people person, and interacting with the customer, solving problems and discussing ideas made quite an impact on me. I have enjoyed it every day since.


I started Your Vital Signs November 18th, 2000 under the guidance, support, & mentorship from various trusted friends and family.  Without many of them, Your Vital Signs may have just been an inconceivable dream. Housed within a 2,700 sq. ft. office space, we opened our doors at the corner of Paxton & Cameron Streets in Harrisburg, and operated with increasing


success during our 5 year stay at that location.  Along the way, I had the utmost pleasure in meeting and knowing many great individuals, clients and people who I've come to call "friend".





Since 2005, after building up the clientele, I had moved the business from its original location, and split it into two offices.  Because Your Vital Signs is a family business, it made sense for me to up upgrade my home, and use it as part of an office, along with having a small commercial presence. It allowed me to do two of the things I love most: Running the daily operations, servicing my trusted clients, and seeing my family more.


I believe in building strong business relationships and being the most accessible sign vendor I can be.  You don't need a giant office space to accomplish that.  I know what's important, and that is providing outstanding customer service, being personable, and knowing my client.  And all of that can be accomplished while operating under a "family business" label.  In fact, my lovely wife, Melisa, works part-time for the company, handling all of the accounting and marketing.



Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, my family and the business, and what I hope to strive for. I hope we can help your company find that sign it's looking for. I look forward to the opportunity you may give Your Vital Signs in handling your account, or continuing with us as your trusted vendor and partner.



Stephen Kozan
Owner / Operator